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The Top 10 Hit Songs for 2009

6:21 PM

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I know it's been long since my last post on this blog. So this time allow me to update this blog with the top 10 hit songs for 2009 as published by

1. Poker Face – Lady Gaga

2. Superhuman – Chris Brown

3. Single Ladies – Beyonce

4. Love Story – Taylor Swift

5. Boom Boom Pow – Black Eyed Peas

6. Jai Ho – Pussycat Dolls

7. Insomnia – Craig David

8. Sweet Dreams – Beyonce

9. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

10. Paparazzi – Lady Gaga

Anyway, watch out for the birth of 2010 hit songs blog!



Looking for Dengue Fever Symptoms

2:39 AM

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Now that December is fast approaching, the weather is slowly but surely showing signs of coldness. With this, the dengue fever is starting to spread again like wildfire.

If you are looking for the signs of the dreaded dengue fever, you may refer to BunsoiMagazine's new blog post about the dengue symptoms.

And for more dengue fever symptoms, you may also proceed to Google because it has a lot of information about the fever/virus.



FreeSky Online News and Info

5:43 AM

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FreeSky Online is one of the hottest online role playing games in the Philippines right now. I first heard of this online game when I stumbled upon a blog post somewhere and this new FreeSky Online game advertisement keeps on popping up my browser window.

I'm not really interested with online games before because I couldn't get the gist of playing it. But, things have changed, I suppose.

What makes FreeSky a favorite online game of mine right now is that there is no game download necessary unlike other online games. With them, you just have to go to their website, FreeSky Online and click the big ENTER GAME button. And voila, you're in to one exciting gaming experience.

So, what're you waiting for? I'm so hooked right now, and I bet you too!

FreeSky Online - Newest Online Game!


Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas Free MP3 Download

7:18 AM

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Boom Boom Pow is the latest hit song from my favorite Black Eyed Peas.
Yes, you read that right. After a couple of months or should I say years, the Black Eyed Peas are back again, Even Fergie returned for this Boom Boom Pow song for the BEP.
A lot have been asking me for a free mp3 download of this another 2009 hit song, so here I am giving another free download.

Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyes Peas Free MP3 Download Link Below:

Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyes Peas Free MP3 Download

Thanks for dropping by. For more free mp3 downloads, not only from Black Eyed Peas or BEP, but from other hit singers as well, you can bookmark this blog now.

Thanks for downloading the free mp3 of Boom Boom Pow!



Lady Gaga - Paparazzi Free MP3 Download

7:11 AM

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Paparazzi, the latest 2009 hit song from Lady Gaga is rising. As you very well know, Lady Gaga is now becoming one of my favorite singers because of her disco-ish type of sounds which I really like.

This Paparazzi song is really hot. Even though it isn't able to reach hit charts yet, I'm pretty sure it will. Give it a few more weeks, and it will surely be sung by most party-goers in no time.

Paparazzi - Lady Gaga Free MP3 Download Link Below:

Paparazzi - Lady Gaga Free mp3 Download

For more free mp3 downloads, not only from Lady Gaga but from other hit singers as well, you can bookmark this page now.

Lady Gaga is indeed hot no matter what her detractors are saying. And her latest single Paparazzi is one surefire hit in the coming weeks!

Paparazzi mp3 anyone?



Akon Stages Freedom Tour Manila Concert

8:27 PM

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Akon, one of the most popular Hollywood artists will be going to the Philippines this coming May 23, 2009 to stage his second concert in the Philippines. And this concert will be a part of his concert tour entitled: AKON FREEDOM TOUR.

Akon is known for his 2009 hit song Right Now which caused a last song syndrome to yours truly. The Akon Freedom Tour is one of the most talked-about concerts that will take place in the Philippines, not to mention the equally awaited David Cook and David Archuleta Live in Manila Concert.

For more information about this concert like concert tickets, time, venue, etcetera please refer to this blog's sister site Akon Freedom Tour.



How to Download Free MP3 Songs Online

5:22 AM

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I'm always asked about this question: How to download free mp3 songs online?
I know that for some netizens, this might sound a bit ridiculous, but for the uninitiated, allow me to explain it to you guys as simple as possible.

There several ways for you to download mp3 songs online, it could either be for FREE or with a fee.
There are a lot of blogs and websites out there which offers online mp3 download for about $1 per download. But there are also several websites that gives out links for you to download mp3 songs online.

You're lucky to have read this, because I'm giving away two of the best websites where I download my favorites mp3 files ALL FOR FREE. Surely, some of life's greatest things and pleasures are for FREE, hehe.

Websites where you can download Free MP3 Songs Online

1. Loudfusion -
In this site, you have to have an account. But don't fret, just register one, and registration for an account is free. OK? After registration, sign in to your dashboard and browse through their songs, or you can also search their library. They are always updated for the latest hit songs out there.

2. MP3-Codes - These past few months, I've been using this site for me to download mp3 songs. Why? Because it is much easier to download your songs because you just have to search for your favorite song on their search box, and once it appeared, click the DOWNLOAD button. Wait for a couple of seconds, and your mp3 songs is straight now on your desktop.

What makes this different with Loudfusion. It is more convenient. Why convenient? Well, for a lazy person like me, signing-in to my account at Loudfusion is tiring, haha. I know, but call me lazy, it's just ok. IN MP3-Codes, no signing in of account is needed, so it is way more convenient.

That's it, ok? There are actually other ways or means for you to download your favorite songs online, but the above-listed are two of modes I use when I download songs.

I hope I was of help to you guys if you don't know how to download free mp3 songs online. For more questions about this, please feel free to leave your question on the comment form below. Just make sure that it related to the topic of downloading free mp3 songs online.